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From The Tiny Light Foundation:

The Tiny Light Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides professional photography for children and families that have been faced with a life-altering diagnoses.

We provide families with the lasting memories through the amazing art of photography. With the help of many photographers throughout Canada and the US, we are able to provide families with photos they can share and help carry the many memories.

Our mission is to provide and capture memories that will help provide a family with one less thing to worry about. In the mist of dealing with doctor appointments, specialist appointments, or just the daily life of medicines, rushing here to there for weights, check ups, and the many many other things we deal with in everyday life.; a lot of the time photographs seem to take a back burner and not only with time, but with funds. When we look back, we want to remember…  and even though you may not forget what you and your child has gone through, we always want more… we need the memories to last “Forever.”

Charity Details

Status: Active
Founder(s): Melissa DePape and Billie Depatie
Twitter: @TheTinyLight

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