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Hello friends!  We’re back with a new resource for you — our list of preferred photography vendors.

We took our time curating this list for you, highlighting some well-respected vendors that provide products and services to photographers everywhere, in these categories:

We also wanted to provide you with some web related resources to help with that side of your business too, specifically:

Check out the entire list of photographer vendors and resources.  It’s not a complete list, by any means, but it does include products and services that we (or our photographer friends) have used and trust.  If there is a specific category you’d like us to add, give us a shout.

We are always interested in learning about new vendors, and we’d really love to hear about any businesses that have been especially helpful to you in your volunteer work with any of the various photography charities out there.  If there is a photo vendor that has stepped up and helped out in a big way (e.g., donating supplies for a Help-Portrait event), please share with us in the comments!

Update 3/7/2011 — For more great photography resources, please check out Kim Townsend’s newly launched site,

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