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Totally diggin’ Lens on Life — a nonprofit org that has partnered with schools and organizations around the globe to host programs led by volunteer photographers.

Their first program, led by Stephanie C. Roberts and Jen Lemen, takes them to the Koseli School — a center for slum and street children in Kathmandu, Nepal. There they will be teaching students (age 10 and up) the art of photography using donated iPhones.

“The workshop will consist of daily instruction on camera and photography basics; study and discussion of photographs by seasoned photographers; journaling and story planning; creative exercises to engage students in shooting, processing and captioning their photographs; and group critiques of students’ work. A selection of student photographs from the program will be shared in the Lens on Life online gallery and made available for purchase.”

Meet the students participating in this first Lens on Life program:

To get involved or learn more about Lens on Life, visit their site at lensonlife.org.

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