Help-Portrait 2010 is tomorrow – Dec. 4th!

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Help-Portrait 2010 is finally here!  And it’s happening TOMORROW!  We can’t wait to hear about how all the different events go.  In the meantime, here is some important info that might be helpful for those participating in the event Saturday:

Event Reporting

Don’t forget to report your numbers after the event is over.  H-P is looking for # of Photographers, Volunteers, and # of Portraits given.  Please use this form to report your event info, no matter when your event took place.

Help-Portrait Apparel

H-P hoodies and t-shirts are still available for purchase.

Last Minute Needs

If you’re not already signed up to volunteer, it couldn’t hurt to check the H-P community site, find the community group nearest you, and see if there are any last minute needs.  On a quick glance, we noticed some folks were posting to the forum that simply need help transporting equipment to the event.  That’s something anyone with a vehicle could step up and help out with!

Can’t Participate?  Donate!

If you’re unable to serve this year, you can still contribute by donating online to a Help-Portrait event near you.

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