Photographers Helping Japan

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I want to begin this post by saying that my heart absolutely breaks for the people of Japan right now. I cannot imagine their pain and the challenging times they face ahead, but I just want to humbly offer my thoughts and prayers to the Japanese people and anyone who has family and friends there.
— Amanda Shoemaker, Shutter Mission

Many artists are doing everything they can to give back and help the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.  I scoured the blogs and Twitter to find a few good examples of photographers who are putting their cameras to good use.

Check out the links below to view each photographer’s offerings… from auctions, to raffles, to donating full or partial session fees, or donating the proceeds from print sales… each fundraiser is unique in some way.  My hope is that these photographers will give you some inspiration about how you can use your talents to help Japan during this very tragic and difficult time.

Portrait  & Wedding Photographers

Fine Art Prints

How Are You Helping Japan?

If you are a photographer or vendor and are running an auction, raffle, or some type of fundraiser of your own, feel free to add your link and info in the comments below.

Image (above): Japan flag – “Sans Titre” (Untitled) by Vivien Isnard (1987) – photo by Luc De Leeuw on Flickr

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  1. Jonathan and I could no longer just sit on our butts and watch the devastation that was happening in Japan. We knew that we needed to help.

    In a week we raised $3000 to donate to For Japan With Love.

  2. April Wright says:

    I’d like to be a part what do I do?

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