Help-Portrait 2011 is tomorrow — Dec. 10th!

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San Francisco Help-Portrait Team 2010 (photo credit: Marcell Puzsar)

Has it really been a year since our last Help-Portrait day? I can hardly believe it. Also hard to believe: we had one great event in San Francisco last year, and this time around… we have FIVE planned — with the potential to give portraits to almost 1,000 people in need around the Bay Area. How awesome is that?

If you’re not yet signed up to volunteer, no worries… you can still join in the fun. Check the H-P community site, find the community group nearest you (Help-Portrait has events worldwide), and see if there are any last minute needs — there probably are.  I know we still have some empty slots at several of our SF events.

Don’t feel weird jumping in to volunteer at the last minute. My husband and I did that last year, and it worked out fine because they still needed more help.

One position almost all the locations cannot have enough of is runners. This is an important role and one that does not require any photography experience. A runner is responsible for leading the portrait clients to each of the stations in the process and making them feel welcomed.

A lot of locations may still need help at the sign-in table, or with set-up and tear down. You could also bring food for the volunteers. There are many ways you could help out with this amazing event that will impact so many lives around the world.

If you want to get involved, head over to the H-P community site, search for your location, and then get in touch with the site leader for that location.

Can’t Participate?  Donate!

If you’re unable to serve this year, you can still contribute by donating online to a Help-Portrait event near you.  (As of this writing, we are still about $500 shy of our goal in SF to cover printing costs for our events). Every little bit helps!

Hope everyone’s event tomorrow goes smoothly! Have a great time!

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