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From Dog Meets World:

The mission of Dog Meets World (DMW) is to give children/families in developing countries personal photographs, often for the first time. DMW seeks to change the way people travel by creating positive cross-cultural interactions and rather than simply taking pictures, to give them as well. Travelers bring along a digital camera, a portable printer and the stuffed Foto mascot dog to photograph children and practice Take & Give Photography! Practicing DMW is simple, affordable and fun and is ground level diplomacy and voluntourism for all travelers.

DMW believes that each single shared photograph creates a cultural connection and an indelible affirmation that is left behind as a personal artifact and a tiny seed of peace.

Charity Details

Status: Active
Founder(s): Carolyn & Austin Lane

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I'm the Editor for Shutter Mission. I love photography, building web sites, and volunteering. What are you passionate about? !

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