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From CreativeCares:

CreativeCares works to create a bridge between creative professionals and nonprofits working in their communities or around the world. CreativeCares provides access and assistance with funding to the creative community to support their work with active non-profit organizations. In doing so, CreativeCares brings about a greater good through creativity.

As a matchmaking organization focused on enabling social documentation to support change, we are able to pair individuals and organizations based on interest, location, and time commitment. We are able to assist the organizations we partner with in organizing and implementing their media needs to better communicate with donors, therefore reducing the dependency on public funds by enhancing their own fund-raising potential.

Creative volunteers needed in these areas: photographers, filmmakers, writers, web developers, graphic designers, etc.

Charity Details

Status: Active
Founder(s): Burk Jackson & Andy Batt

Hello, I'm Amanda Shoemaker...

I'm the Editor for Shutter Mission. I love photography, building web sites, and volunteering. What are you passionate about? !

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