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I'm the Editor for Shutter Mission. I love photography, building web sites, and volunteering. What are you passionate about? !

Featured Charity | Images For A Cure


From the Images For A Cure site: Images for a Cure is a fundraising effort started by Kristen Weaver and a group of passionate photographers

Featured Charity | HeARTs Speak


From the HeARTs Speak site: A compelling photograph can reach into the heart of a potential adopter, and bring an animal one step closer to

Featured Charity | CreativeCares


From CreativeCares: CreativeCares works to create a bridge between creative professionals and nonprofits working in their communities or around the world. CreativeCares provides access and

Featured Charity | Inspiration Through Art


From the Inspiration Through Art site: Inspiration Through Art [formerly The Littlest Heroes Project] is a non-profit based organization made up of professional photographers, artists,

Featured Charity | Pictures of Hope Foundation


From the Pictures of Hope site: Pictures of Hope is a charitable organization of professional photographers who provide complimentary, documentary-style, photography sessions to babies in