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“Inequality and intolerance are perpetuated not only by ignorance and hatred, but also by those who know better, saying and doing nothing about it.”

Charles Anderson, Founding Director and President, The All Family Project

There is an immediate need for volunteer photographers across the US to help with The All Family Project. Read on to learn more about this important organization.

What is The All Family Project?

The All Family Project (TAFP) is a nonprofit whose focus is on family, and their organization is dedicated to educating the general public on gay and lesbian families. They use positive imagery to counter the negative narrative that is often aimed at these families. TAFP seeks to show the humanity of same-sex couples, demonstrating that their relationships are not so different from heterosexual relationships and that their existence does not threaten the rights of others.

Currently, TAFP has a campaign running in Salt Lake City with ads on 12 buses. Their goal is to raise enough money to display ads on billboards and buses all across America.  They would also like to start internet radio and television programs — all designed to promote a positive image of family and to encourage dialog.

How Can You Help?

TAFP is looking to partner with professional photographers, but they are open to working with amateur photographers as well. The preferred style of photography is photojournalistic, although they will accept traditional portraiture too.

Ideally, volunteer photographers would reach out to any same-sex couples they know and complete a portrait session with that family, at a location and time of their choosing. Photographers would then submit their session images to TAFP along with signed releases (linked below).

How Will the Images Be Used?

All photographs submitted will become property of The All Family Project and may be published in a variety of locations including web sites, social media sites, public transit, billboards, etc. Releases must also be submitted on behalf of the photographer and subjects.

If a participating family is comfortable having their portraits displayed on the TAFP Facebook page, but does not want their images featured on a billboard, for instance, TAFP will respect their wishes. Also, they will not include any specific information about the subjects — only first name and general location, e.g., “Sandra and Jill in northwest Kansas.”

Photographers are welcome to use their work for their own purposes, and TAFP will feature the photographer’s info on their web site and Facebook page — giving the artist full credit for the work.

Interested Volunteers

If you are a US photographer interested in donating your time and images to The All Family Project, please print and sign the Photographer Release and have your subjects sign the Model Release.

For questions or further information, contact TAFP’s President, Charles Anderson. He can be reached via email at or by calling (415) 967-1679.

Learn More About TAFP

Here are a couple of videos from TAFP that shed more light on their mission:


Please pass this info along to any photographers you know who may be interested in joining to help The All Family Project!

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